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Yataheeh was formed in 2000 by a small group of friends, Ros and Dave Hackett, Bill Fagan and Pat Jefferies (who has now sadly passed to spirit). Pat, Ros and Bill met one night, after the seed had been sown about starting a Clairvoyant and Healing Centre in Syston, and Pat went into trance and a voice boomed out YATAHEEH ( Navajo Indian meaning Welcome , or come into my spirit). It was Pat’s guide White Feather, a Navajo Indian Chief. Then after a trance session he made it clear that we should use the name YATAHEEH. We looked for premises in Syston Leicestershire and found a flat in need of a lot of tender loving care. We took the option on the flat in October 2000 and after a lot of renovation work opened in March 2001.

Yataheeh has always been an independent centre, free from all the usual constraints found in churches and centres. We are dedicated to offering Clairvoyant meetings, Healing and therapy sessions and the teaching of mediumship (in all its forms) healing and therapies. During the past few years we have also been offering training for Spiritual ministers. It is run now by Ros and Dave with a lot of help from Bill.

Our core aim is to continue to offer weekly meetings, training and teaching circles, healer training for those who wish to learn how to use healing, workshops on all aspects of mediumship and a place for like-minded people to meet and discuss things over tea and biscuits.

We are proud to be in our fifteenth year and still going strong, offering the chance to more and more young up and coming mediums to hone their skills. We are now coming into another new phase where we are offering all of the above but in addition we can work alongside an international group who offer Insurance for Ministers, Mediums and Healers as well as training to a very high standard. This new venture has given us an addition to our support group, David Titcombe from Coventry, who together with Dave will be working on the new venture.

Dave Hackett and David Titcombe are both Ministers who, together with two other people, also Ministers, are able to offer Christenings / Namings – Weddings (and renewal of vows), Funeral services and house blessings / clearances. To enquire about these please contact us through our contact page.